When To Hire Real Estate Attorneys

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  • 03 Jan, 2017
Real Estate Attorney Muscatine, IA

One question that many people ask is whether it is necessary to hire real estate attorneys. Indeed, it will do you no harm if you started a conversation with an attorney when looking to buy or sell real estate. In this way, if you find yourself in a situation where you need legal advice and guidance, you will have a professional who will be ready to help you. More to this, the attorney will be willing to work in your best interests.

For sale by owner

When looking to sell a home, it is advisable to contact an attorney before listing the home. In this way, the attorney will review all the purchase offers coming from potential buyers. Once a purchase offer has been signed between a seller and a buyer, it becomes a contract. If the seller and buyer had agreed verbally on certain things but did not capture the same in writing, this may result in lawsuits that will ruin the chances of completing the deal. Having a competent attorney to handle the situation will ensure that everything that is agreed upon is captured in the contract.


Divorce can be a complicated and destabilizing process. However, when the division of property involving the sale of a home is added to this, the situation can be even more complicated. Matters may get more interesting if each of the spouses is on a mortgage. To ensure that your interests are protected, you should seek the services of a real estate attorney.

Post sale problems

If there were undisclosed problems during the sale of a home, the new homeowner could sue the seller. However, the facts and circumstances surrounding the problem will have to be analyzed to determine if the seller is legally liable.

Commercial real estate transactions

If you want to sell, buy or lease commercial spaces, a real estate attorney can help to ensure that you do not unknowingly give up your rights or enter into commitments that may turn into legal traps. It is important to contact an attorney in real time so that they have enough time to review the purchase agreements or leases.

Our qualified real estate attorneys Muscatine at Hintermeister & Kundel have extensive experience in real estate transactions. If you need the services of a real estate attorney, set up an appointment by visiting out website.

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The best real estate attorneys Muscatine  has to offer may have already told you that you've probably broken real estate laws without realizing it. One of the most commonly broken is taking photos at the open house. Why is this against the law and how can you avoid it?

Well, it is not typically against the law to take pictures of a home when it is empty and on the market. However, if you take photos of a house with items inside of it and include a picture of the homeowner, you have broken laws related to the First Amendment. This amendment states that it is against the law and a violation of privacy to photograph someone or their home without permission.

Real estate attorneys  are likely to tell you that this isn't usually a major problem. The best real estate attorneys Muscatine  has to offer will tell you that most sellers aren't going to say a word or even care about your errant photography. But what happens if somebody decides to pursue a lawsuit against you for this violation?

As hard as it may be for most people to believe, that person is technically in the right. If they can show that you took photos in their house and of them without their permission, they could potentially pursue a lawsuit or even a criminal suit against you. It doesn't happen often, but some people have fallen a victim of this type of excessive suit.

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When dealing with a parking lot dispute, it is important to talk to the best land use attorney Muscatine  has to offer. A high-quality attorney can help you resolve this issue by finding out who owns the land involved in the parking lot and how to fix the concern.

Common Parking Lot Disputes

One of the most problematic land disputes that land use attorney  specialists have to manage is when a parking lot is disrupting residential areas. For example, a parking lot in a commercial area close to a residential one can cause some resentment and make people try to get rid of it. Even worse, it could cause serious debates and problems in the community.

Solving This Problem

A great land use attorney  can resolve this case by gauging who has the right to use the property and finding a solution that satisfies everyone. For example, they can discuss the influences behind the installation of a parking lot in a specific area. They can then find a way for the commercial business to help the community, such as donating money or building a small park.

Getting The Help You Need

If you are involved in a parking lot dispute that you can't resolve, don't hesitate to contact the best land use attorney Muscatine  has to offer. They can help you better understand your rights and avoid a lengthy, annoying, unnecessary, and frustrating lawsuit.

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Trying to find a well-established attorney can prove to be a daunting task. If you are a resident of Iowa and you require the services of seasoned and experienced lawyers to represent you, look no further. Attorneys who have been in business for at least 15-years are considered qualified, experienced, and well-versed in their chosen area of law such as, John Hintermeister  and Steven D. Kundel , esteemed attorneys in Muscatine .  

Muscatine, Iowa is proud to have the Law Offices of Hintermeister  & Kundel  Attorney at Law. John L. Hintermeister  served people in the state of Iowa for 50 years, and Steven D. Kundel  served clients for 17 years.

Each one of these seasoned esteemed attorneys have the experience and skill to care for each person needing their services. Each of these experienced attorneys has your best interest at heart. These attorneys are well established and recognized as the best attorneys Muscatine  is proud to host.

Give them a call today and find out how well they represent you.

Q. Are these attorneys in Muscatine  board certified?
Yes, John Hintermeister  graduated the University Of Iowa College Of Law in 1966 and admitted to the Bar in the same year, 1966. He is a member of the American Association of ADR Attorneys

John Hintermeister ’s law partner is Steven D. Kundel  graduated from Drake University Law School in 2000 and admitted to the Bar in 2000. He is a member of the Muscatine County Bar Association and the Iowa State Bar Association.

Q.  What is the expertise of these attorneys in Muscatine?

  • Contract law
  • Business sales
  • Business formation
  • Real Estate Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Business Law; business contracts, sales of business; business questions
  • All areas of Estate Planning
  • Probate Law
  • Mediation; dispute resolution; family resolves
  • Consulting

In Conclusion

If you are a resident of Iowa and are in need of award-winning lawyers who fight for your rights contact The Law Offices of Hintermeister  and Kundel , Muscatine, Iowa at  563-272-0003,the best attorneys Muscatine  offers.

A disclaimer

This website is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice and is not intended to create an Attorney-Client relationship. Please consult an Attorney before acting on any information.

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When you find yourself in need of a lawyer you may be wondering whether to hire one individually or to work closely with a law firm Muscatine.  There are several benefits to hiring a law firm that you may not have considered. Here are some common questions and answers that can help you see the benefits.

Q: What can a law firm Muscatine  do for me that an individual lawyer can't?

A: Fighting any court case takes a lot of work and when an individual lawyer is fighting for clients, he or she may have too much on their plate at once and not give each case their full attention. When you hire a law firm you have a whole team working on your case, which gives them more resources and allows for effective collaboration in bringing a resolution to your case.

Q: What are other benefits to hiring a  law firm in Muscatine ?

A: Hiring a  law firm in Muscatine  means that you will have experienced lawyers in your corner. Even if they are not in the court room for your case they can advise the lawyer that is on the best way to handle your case. With the guidance of experienced lawyers, any lawyer in a firm can argue your case as well as someone with twice their experience would be able to.

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There comes a time in our lives when we are faced with managing our loved one’s Estate. This is a very challenging and difficult time that could become more stressful if you are not prepared to make the transition as smooth as possible. There are many things that could go wrong because every state has laws that have specific Estate planning and probate procedures. Don’t try and handle this important matter on your own. You need professional help to ensure the Estate or property is settled and protects the interest of you and your family. Contact  Probate Lawyers Muscatine , leaders in Estate law, probate procedures, distribution of trust and more. They know the laws and are here to ensure you know all rights and procedures when it comes to settling your Estate.

Probate Lawyers in Muscatine  are experienced in all phases of Estate law. They use their experience in Estate law as it applies to your state to deliver the professional help needed when handling settlements.   Properly preparing and filing essential documents is just one of the services  Probate Lawyers Muscatine  provides and gives you peace of mind knowing items are prepared and ready when you need them. They have years of experience and use that experience to serve you. Visit them online today and learn more about the services they offer.  

As your Probate Lawyers in Muscatine , they do more than just draft your documents. They stay in contact with clients and encourage them to call if they have questions. Client satisfaction is priority one with their law firm. Their maintenance program option ensures your documents are up to date and ready to use when needed. Go online to make your appointment today for peace of mind tomorrow.

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If you have an estate that needs settling then you need professionals able to assist you through the entire process. Based on the state your estate property is in there are specific probate laws you must know, follow and understand. You need an experienced lawyer that knows state laws and guidelines both current and newly developed information that could affect your settlement. This is not something you want to handle on your own. You need Probate Lawyer Muscatine  they are well versed in probate laws so you can have peace of mind to know your settlement will be handled by experienced professionals.

When you use Probate Lawyer in Muscatine  they will assist you in securing and locating all necessary documents. As experts, they know you need assistance in any assets, appraisals of decedent’s property and getting the date of death value. All these things and more must be handled before any estate is finalized. With professional help, you don’t have to worry if things are filled out properly you have a legal team to assist in filing your documents in a timely manner. Visit them online to make an appointment for a free consultation.

Their office offers both types of probate; transactional to manage your administrative probates and litigators if you happen to be in a probate lawsuit. This is just one of many features Probate Lawyer Muscatine  office provides. They have experience to handle your probate matters. Contact them today to see if they can help.

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Why is a power of attorney necessary?

Unforeseen circumstances should not have the power to strip you of the fruits of your labor. A power of attorney document gives someone else the right to act on your behalf if you become unable to do so. Most people choose friends or relatives who they trust to handle their finances and related paperwork properly.

Once the power of attorney document is signed, keep a copy for your records and make sure your agent has a copy to present to financial institutions, schools, and medical providers. Your designated agent(s) can sign contracts and make decisions in your name.   Hintermeister   &   Kundel's  offer top quality estate planning in Muscatine .

What is a living will?

A living will deals with health and medical issues. Should you become incapacitated, a living will designates which types of treatments and procedures you have deemed acceptable. Terminal illness and permanent unconsciousness can remove your ability to make sound medical choices. The living will gives your medical providers directions and an understanding of your health care wishes. Go with   Hintermeister   &   Kundel  for the best   estate planning Muscatine   has to offer.

When should these documents be in place?

There is no time like the present. Life does not always cooperate, so it is better to have a power of attorney and living will in place before a serious or tragic event occurs.   Hintermeister   &   Kundel  offer   estate planning Muscatine   residents have come to trust. We help our clients make choices today that can affect their lives tomorrow. Our experienced team takes   estate planning in Muscatine   to the next level.  

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When you need legal help you want to pick a law firm that is right for you. The company you choose must use ethical and cost effective measures as they fight or serve on your behalf. With so many companies out there finding the right one is often over whelming. How do you select counsel you are comfortable with handling your situation? It is important to hire a law firm you trust has the experience needed to represent your legal needs in our world today. The law office of Hintermeister and Kundel are experienced in various legal services to give you the professional support you need with confidence.

Hintermeister and Kundel are knowledgeable in legal codes, guides and terms that exist today. You need attorneys that know current policies and procedures to represent you in the best way. They offer affordable prices without hidden fees. During your consultation you know in advance any additional cost as they relate to the services hired for. They have over 15 years of experience so you know they are prepared to meet your legal needs. Hire a team of legal experts you trust know the ever changing codes and laws and how to use them as they relate to your service needs.

Hintermeister and Kundel asks the right questions. Their years of experience make them the only law firm you need for your legal services. They are available to help you with basic law services as well as more complex services. They are experts committed to providing you with the best legal service they are known for. Contact them today.

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A probate lawyer is an estate lawyer that can help you execute a late loved one's belongings. They will work with you through every step of a probate. The laws these lawyers have to follow vary from state to state. If your loved one was living in one state when they died but had property in another state it is the job of the Probate Lawyer Muscatine to follow the laws of both states.

Q: What are the responsibilities of my probate lawyer?

A: Your Muscatine Probate Lawyer will be responsible for several tasks. One of them is finding and securing non-probate and probate assets. Another of their responsibilities is to determine the monetary value of any property your loved one owned when they died. Any life insurance proceeds are collected by your Probate Lawyer Muscatine. It is also their job to address any issues with income taxes on behalf of the decedent. Virtually any financial dealings involving the decedent are the lawyer's responsibility.

Q: What can my probate lawyer do in regards to any and all beneficiaries?

A: Your probate lawyer can and will settle any disputes between you and any other beneficiaries. These disputes are common following the death of a loved one and having a lawyer oversee them can help you quickly come to a resolution that everyone is satisfied with. Once all outstanding bills and taxes are paid on behalf of the deceased your lawyer will take what is left of their assets and give it to you or divide it among you and the other beneficiaries. If estate that belonged to the deceased is not being sold at auction your lawyer will retitle it with the name's of any qualified beneficiaries. If the estate property is being sold your lawyer will oversee the entire process.

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Are you a business owner or developer looking for a business law attorney in Muscatine ? Whether you are looking to start a corporation, partnership, limited partnership, or limited liability companies (LLC) in Muscatine, Hintermeister and Kundel has the business law experts you are looking for.

As a rule of general advice, Hintermeister and Kundel does not advise entering into a general partnership because of a number of significant drawbacks. Each partner entered into a general partnership would have joint and several liability towards the debts of the partnership. In other words, should the general partnership default on its lease or another contract, each partner would be personally liable.

In a general partnership, if there is no written agreement it becomes difficult to determine exactly who is a partner, who is an employee, how profit and losses will be split, and who has the authority to bind the partnership by signing a contract or invoice. Oftentimes, general partnerships are the result of informal arrangements between business colleagues.

Business law attorneys in Muscatine , especially Hintermeister and Kundel, suggest restructuring the partnership into a limited liability company (LLC.) Yes, the LLC can have the same tax treatment as the general partnership, but the LLC shields each individual member from personal liability. In other words, LLCs have the liability protections of corporations and the tax flexibility of partnerships. Hintermeister and Kundel will strongly advise it should be the preferred entity choice for most small businesses.

Every LLC should form an operating agreement, as it sets up the basic rules for the governance of the business. Operating without such an agreement puts your LLC at risk for being a weak and ineffective business organization.

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