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The estate and gift exemption level for U.S. Estate and Gift Taxes is set for 2013 at $5.250 million. This means that estates with more than $5.25 million will be taxed by the U.S. Government at a rate of 40%. Estate planning can minimize the tax ramifications of this tax and leave more money for their heirs.
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Our attorneys, at Hintermeister & Kundel, work with its clients to help create a comprehensive estate plan that allows them to feel safe and secure that they have provided for their children so that they can lead healthy, productive and confident lives. The primary goal is to help avoid probate.

When you pass away or become incapacitated, you do not want a stranger to make the important decisions about your life and your assets or how to raise your children. You can make all the important decisions now, and make them legally binding, by working with an estate planning attorney.

Working out an estate plan need not be a stressful experience. At Hintermeister & Kundel, our attorneys will carefully and compassionately guide you to the best solution.

We can help you with common estate planning devices such as:
No matter what the size of your estate, there are 3 legal documents everyone should have:
  • You need a will to make sure your assets are distributed the way you want, not how a probate court decides.
  • You need a durable power of attorney for healthcare to name someone to make medical decisions on your behalf.
  • And you need a durable power of attorney for finances, which designates someone to take care of money matters.
You will need as much information as possible to make these important decisions for your family. After all, the ultimate goal is to protect your family.


Estate planning can be a difficult and trying time for either yourself or your loved ones. When faced with this task, contact a Muscatine Estate Planning attorney prior to making any arrangements. We can make sure you and your family are protected and that your final wishes are respected. Hintermeister and Kundel have experienced Muscatine Estate Planning attorneys on staff to answer any of your questions. 

If you are in need of having a will drafted, or need a designated power of attorney, there is a Muscatine Estate Planning attorney that can help you with this at Hintermeister and Kundel. Give them a call today to get your wishes planned out and make sure that your family is protected in the event of your passing. Don't try to take this task on alone, as the laws surrounding estate planning can be difficult to understand and easy to misinterpret. 


Contact us to speak with a lawyer about your estate planning needs. You can call the office at 563.272.0003.
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